Product Description Writing

SEO Friendly Product Description Writing

Good product description writing can compel customers to buy your products. The product description also adds a professional edge to the website and allows you to answer questions of different customers. A good product description can make the sale while on the contrary, a bad product description can break the sale. We know that you have invested a lot of money in making the product and therefore we do not want you to miss the sale because of the bad product description.

We at Arc Content Writing Services have a team of talented copywriting professionals whose expertise and experience help you to write the best product description. Our product description writers develop curiosity in the minds of the customers who try to find out more about your products and services. To know more about our product description writing services read the following points:

Unique Content

Unique content is one of the keys to writing good product descriptions. Copying the exact supplier’s description on the site can be penalized by Google due to plagiarism. Therefore we make sure that our writers write unique content for you that is both SEO-friendly and appealing to the customers. We try to draft our product description in a way that describes the benefits of the product.

We make sure that the customers get to know about the benefits to generate a good sale. Unique content also helps in generating more organic traffic. We make sure that your product description is unique and well optimized around specific aspects of the product. This captures the attention of the people whose search intent focuses on these things.

SEO friendly product description

SEO friendly product description writing helps in growing not only organic traffic but also the conversion rate. We make sure that we use the keywords in the product description that can reach the target audience. Also at the same time, we keep in mind that we write the article for buyers and not for bots.

 A product description is crucial for the success of an eCommerce platform. Our SEO friendly product description will make you have a higher conversion rate and engagement. We make sure that your site reaches a higher SERP ranking because of our product descriptions. The customers get to know what is in for them in the product as that is the only thing they care about while reading the product description. We also pay special attention to buyer persona as that is the way to know what your customers are looking for.

We write a concise product description

Product description writing should be easy to read and understand. We at Arc Content Writing Services provide the most crucial information to the readers. We are aware of the short attention span of people and therefore we make sure that we avoid unnecessary words. We make sure that the product description is long enough to include all the necessary details and short enough to keep it interesting.

We keep our focus mostly on the benefits to compel the readers to buy your product. We make sure to write the product description that reflects the tone of your brand and people can relate to it. Before writing, we carefully choose the keywords that match your brand and can reach your target audience.

Product Description Writing

We Write Product Descriptions For eCommerce Platforms

eCommerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart demand a good Call to Action for the products listed on their website. If you are looking forward to using these platforms for listing out your products then our professional team at Arc Content Writing Services will assist you in the essential product description. With a team of skilled and experienced writers, we strive to provide you the best product description.

With such high competition on these platforms, it becomes very important for you to have a good product description of your products otherwise no one will buy it. For this, we make sure to write catchy words and solve the queries of the customers in the description.

Our Product Description Boosts Your Sale

With our product description writing, we entice customers to get a deeper insight into your products and their features. We make sure to include the following things:

  • Details specifying the product
  • Applications and benefits of the product
  • Call to action
  • Price
  • Discounts and bonuses

Our persuasive product description writing boosts your sale in the business. We use the exact and suitable keywords in the product description that can increase your sale. The presence of original and relevant content increases organic traffic. It increases the conversion rates for your product.

We Write The Perfect Description For The Perfect Buyer

Based on who is buying and which audience you are targeting, we provide the best product descriptions. We pick out the features that can be appealing to your best buyers. We try to understand the buyer’s persona well before writing the product description. We try to analyze what type of writing will make the buyers hit the buy button.

We try to analyze what they will agree to. We try to relate to the customers on an emotional level to make an effective sales pitch. We select the most unique and the most vital points from the description and mention them in the product description. We try to describe how the buyer can overcome hassles through our product. We try to connect the features and benefits to give the readers a clear example of how the features can benefit them.

Your Consumers Will Not Skim But Read The Product Description

Skimming is a very common thing for online readers as they get bored very easily with long and unnecessary information. To avoid these problems we make sure to include bullets and lists as most of the skimmers read the information provided in bullet form. We know that people love to scan information and therefore we try to break the information into several posts and subheadings. We also try to use deep captions to intrigue the readers so that they are excited to read about the post.