6 Simple Content Writing Tips For Beginners

Simple Content Writing Tips For Beginners

Have you ever come across a product post or a video while surfing on the internet that influenced you to buy it or at least took you closer to buying it?

Think it over. It’s a ‘Yes!’ isn’t it? 

Of course, it sounds crazy, but this is how, following the latest trend, we as audiences are being driven towards purchases. This is just one of those aspects of marketing, which we refer to as ‘Content writing’!

Where do you think these creative and influential texts are generated?

It’s all coming from the creative brains of content writers!

Content writing is just another marketing practice. Rather it is the best form of inbound marketing. It is the strongest tool that a company or a business can have at their disposal.

Why? Because it is offered free to promote useful information about a company, its services, and products to captivate those eyes of potential customers!

If you feel content writing is restricted to just articles and blogs, nope, you are mistaken.

Content isn’t all about blogs and articles. It has a wider range of approaches and means like podcasts, videos, infographics, creative posters, etc.

So, how does one dive into the pool of content writing with the right mindset as a content writer?

Well, it’s as simple as saying ‘Just jump’. But the gravity that pulls you should be your passion to write and to write and to write more!

That is where the problem arises. Those who can’t sense the ‘gravity’ here find it hard to dive deeper into the pool of creating content. The remedy is to just let the thoughts flowing. Understand your potency and if not you, writing drags you towards it!

But a bigger hurdle here is that some people don’t ‘jump’. They face this issue of ‘getting started’.

Well, content writing isn’t just ‘jump’ or a one-step approach. It involves ‘swimming’ too. From generating an idea for your content to meticulous research on its premises to presenting or crafting it, it involves a lot more steps.

So how to get started then?

Content Writing Tips For Beginners

Here are a few content writing tips for beginners to get started or rather to ‘jump’

  1. Come up with exciting niches

The first step is obviously to generate an idea. Use all your creativity. There isn’t a better source of ideas than your brain! So go ahead and give all you have got.

If you find it hard, no problem. There are online tools out there to curate ideas. You can use tools like Google trends, Zest, Flipboard, or even Quora (where it’s like a hub for the writers!) and can pick your interest.

  • Research until you dive to the bottom!

It is important to meticulously research the niche you have picked to keep up with the trend. There’s a lot of data and information available out there that can connect all the pieces of your content to make it authoritative and insightful.

Google is by far the best research tool that you can look for. Try this hack of ‘keyword + statistics’ on Google’s search query to generate relevant research articles and statistics. You can try your hand at Google’s scholar as well.

For making your articles more science-driven, you can look for ‘Reddit Science results’. It has a huge database with highly researched and authentic scientific studies.

  • Frame eye-catching titles!

This is where half of your creativity is used. Crafting catchy headlines is significant to attract the audience to your site. Out of 10 people, nearly 8 looks at your site based on the title. You will lose your audience to your competitors if you fail to catch their attention with your creative headlines!

You can look for ‘tweakyourbiz title generator’ for your titles. Although, bring up your creativity as nothing is more creative than your brain!

Once you have crafted your headline, you can check about its emotional impact on audiences using these tools: ‘Coschedule heading analyzer’ and ‘Emotional marketing headline analyzer’. These tools help you judge the emotional response of your audience when they read the headline. So try analyzing your headlines before finalizing your content.

  • Add relevant visuals!

Visuals help in increasing engagement. They can be sort of used as relaxation breaks for your audience after having read those long paragraphs. So always back-up your articles with relevant images, figures, case studies, statistics, graphs, etc.

If you aren’t a professional designer, you can look for tools like ‘Canva’ and ‘Thinglink’ to ease up your task.

  • Edit, edit again and edit meticulously

Editing for sure is a glamour less work, but it is highly recommended and worth the work. Poorly written content with grammatical errors, inappropriate words, tonal inaccuracies, etc. would surely end up your chance of retaining your client.

Also to connect better with your readers, you need to communicate your idea in the easiest way possible. The content should be understandable and to the point.

There are some really powerful tools to help you out in your editing tasks.

Grammarly’ is a really powerful AI-driven tool that eases a lot of your editing work. ‘Hemmingway editor is another useful tool to edit your content. These tools surely enhance the way you write.

  • Let your content be plagiarism free!

All in all, make sure you have not laid hands on plagiarism. You are free to add relevant statistics, copyrights-free images, and figures but you have no right to plagiarize other’s content. Try being unique. Be the Ferrari among the cars!

For plagiarism checks, you can use tools like ‘smallseotools.com’ and ‘1text.com’. So what’s stopping you then? Make the ‘jump’ and dive right in! Improve from your mistakes and dive again. The content writing world is awaiting your arrival!